Corporate strategy

A corporate strategy will help you answer the question of where you want to be in five or ten years, by defining a clear long-term vision, which will motivate your team and attract investors. The strategy refers to the way how funds are distributed, the organization of the company, the compromise between taking risks, investing and making a profit. It implies the establishment of corporate procedures and policies, which will reflect the values of the corporation, as well as its relationship with all stakeholders, without whose support the organization would cease to exist.

Corporate reputation

Regardless of the size of the business, the reputation that the company has is one of the key factors of a successful business. It represents the general impression that the company has in public. The reputation of a company is affected by the company's identity and its image (the sum of all perceptions of current, past, and potential customers and users of the company's services), and the basic business and financial success of the company, relationship with partners and employees, social responsibility leaders, business etic, vision and personality of the leader, media relations.

Corporate communication

Communication has never played such an important role in the business world as today. Corporate communication is a combination of relations with the public and the media, internal communication between staff, relations with customers, but also investors / partners. If any channel of communication fails and the message that is being sent is not consistent and unambiguous, trust in the company can be shaken.