Discover the value of your people with Sigma’s unique EmployerValuePro

Imagine a company that isn’t just a business organization but a true community of people who are key to your success. In a world where human values are often forgotten in the chaos of the job market, your company can stand out by creating a culture that not only values but also celebrates the most valuable aspects of each individual.

At Sigma, we are committed to providing an innovative approach to Employer Branding in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our core philosophy is clear and inspiring: The person with their work and human qualities represents the greatest value. Our purpose is to help you highlight this value and bring it into focus.

Our Offering:

“The Right Person in the Right Place”

Finding the right match between people and jobs can be a challenge, but we provide personalized support to ensure that every employee is properly directed and motivated.

“Recognition of Values”

Our experts know how to recognize and highlight the most valuable aspects in people and your company. Our goal is to find and emphasize the unique aspects that represent your company.

“Knowledge-Based Methodology”

 Our methodology is based on the latest academic knowledge and market practices where you operate, ensuring that our services are always in line with the latest trends and best practices.

“Consultation and Understanding”

 Your needs are at the center of our approach. Our experienced collaborators with decades of experience work with you to deeply understand your specific challenges and needs.

Creating a business culture that celebrates everyone

Through our collaboration, we jointly create a business culture that isn’t just focused on immediate success but also on long-term benefits for all. With us, your company will achieve a sustainable competitive advantage that stems from understanding, support, and appreciation of human resources.

Your company, your future

 Contact us today to shape a unique approach together that reflects your company and its values. Your success is our success, and together we can achieve incredible things.

EmployerValuePro – 5 benefits for your company 

Attracting and retaining talent:
  • Attracting top talents.
  • Increasing employee retention rates.
  • Creating a motivated and dedicated team.                                                                                                                                                                                                            
Increasing employee engagement:
  • Creating an environment where employees feel valued and motivated.
  • Increasing productivity and employee loyalty.
  • Encouraging innovation and creativity in the team.
Improving employer reputation:
  • Positioning the company as an attractive employer.
  • Increasing awareness of the quality of your work environment.
  • Facilitating the attraction of the best talents in the market.                               
Workforce optimization:
  • Efficiently placing employees in suitable positions.
  • Reducing conflicts and improving collaboration.
  • Increasing productivity and achieving company goals.                                                                                                                   
Long-term competitive advantage:
  • Establishing a business culture based on long-term values.
  • Maintaining a competitive advantage in the job market.
  • Contributing to the long-term success of the company and all stakeholders.

This structure helps highlight how your approach impacts different aspects of the business, creating a comprehensive strategy that enables your company to showcase its unique value in the job market.