Would you like to improve your business and your image?

We will do for you:

• Examining the market in order to define target groups and communication channels, thus positioning your brand on the market.
• Discovering and developing potential of your employees and increasing management efficiency – because successful companies have the right person in the right position.
• Suggesting strategy and vision of development, which will motivate your team and attract investors.

“My 20 years’ work experience and development, as well as active participation in society have taught me that communication is everything, and dialogue is art; I have been also taught that everyone wants reputation, but only some do have a privilege to create one. And this is one of the reasons I have developed an In spe approach which contains programs and models which will allow you to make your decisions and create market positioning more efficiently. Together we will create and protect your business reputation.”

Doc. dr Sonja Stančić


Naša misija

Kroz naš 4P program želimo da razvijamo kulturu dijaloga kao osnov rasta i razvoja zaposlenih i kompanije. Kultura dijaloga je šansa da pojedinac i kompanija izrastu i stvore novo okruženje koje je podsticajno za sve njene članove, bez obzira na izazove i tempo razvoja. Kranji cilj programa je pojedinac i kompanija koji se razvijaju na inovativan i kreativan način.

Dimenzije promjena

Promjene su jedina konstanta, a kako bismo vam olakšali da im se prilagodite u Sigmi smo kreirali In spe pristup  koji prati sljedeće dimenzije promjena u vašoj kompaniji.